Healthy Housing Research Institute

Dr. Johnson has done a significant amount of consulting, both before and after taking early retirement, as described on his resume resume.pdf. He is available to work on research projects related to electromagnetic sensitivity as an engineering consultant. Those accustomed to hiring engineering consultants should expect to pay an hourly wage generally in line with Dr. Johnson's qualifications. If possible, the first half day of consulting will be free. This should allow enough time for the client and Dr. Johnson to become acquainted and determine if Dr. Johnson is the right person to do this particular research project.

There are many different types of consulting. One is in the area of law, where the engineer meets with lawyers, depositions are taken, and courtroom appearances are made. Much of this work occurs where electromagnetic field strengths are high (WiFi and cell phones). For this reason, Dr. Johnson strongly prefers not to be involved in such activity.

A second type is the evaluation of fields in a living or work environment. Dr. Johnson has a number of meters used in such evaluations, and might consider doing an evaluation at places within driving times of an hour or two from Canon City, Colorado. The preferred method would be for the person to visit Dr. Johnson, see the meters in operation, and get some instruction in what the numbers mean. Then the person buys the appropriate meters and makes their own measurements, consulting with Dr. Johnson as necessary. There are persons who specialize in doing such measurements, but Dr. Johnson has no personal knowledge as to which people to recommend for such a task.

A third type would be the testing of claims. Is the efficiency as high as claimed? Does the device actually reduce the fields as much as stated? This area is of particular interest to Dr. Johnson, so he would be quite happy to visit about such a research project.

A fourth type would be product development. This could be a new type of filter or personal shielding gear. It might be equipment that operates on 24 VDC (or 48 VDC) rather than 120 VAC. It might be techniques for using LED strips on 12 or 24 VDC rather than LED bulbs on 120 VAC. It might be a recipe for making EMF absorbing concrete as a construction material for new homes. Dr. Johnson is quite interested in this area as well.