Healthy Housing Research Institute

Since the beginning in 2012, there has been only one person associated with the Healthy Housing Research Institute, me, Dr. Gary L. Johnson. A 30' by 48' test building was built during 2018 with retirement assets. An early test activity is to measure the signal levels inside and out, particularly looking at the ability of the building shell to reflect incoming cell phone and WiFi signals. My Ph.D. is in electrical engineering, specializing in electromagnetics, so I have an appropriate background to do these measurements. Professional tradesmen were hired to do the actual construction. The results published on this website and YouTube will hopefully be helpful to others with Electromagnetic HyperSensitivity (EHS) who are considering building a well-shielded house for health purposes.

Building and testing an experimental house certainly sounds like something appropriate for a Healthy Housing Research Institute. The hope has always been, however, for a larger scale project. More experimental houses need to be designed, built, and tested, requiring the services of architects, engineers, and tradesmen. The Institute could expand into health effects, which would require medical people, biochemists, etc. All this will require much more money than I have. Anyone with appropriate credentials who feels a 'calling' to write proposals and do funded research should contact me.

I received my Ph.D. at Oklahoma State University in 1966, and started teaching at Kansas State University. Around 1972 there was an Arab oil embargo, resulting in considerable concern for the energy future of the United States. I switched my research emphasis from electromagnetics to electric power, and wind power in particular. I developed a senior elective course in wind power which I taught 15 different semesters to a total of over 430 engineering seniors and graduate students. Out of the course came a book published by Prentice-Hall in 1985. When the book went out of print, Prentice-Hall gave me back the copyright, so I have made the book available over the Internet since then. The textbook is available here Windbook.pdf. Apparently, some Linux machines have a problem with the figures in the book, so a Linux version is given here windlinux.pdf.

My health began to decline in the late 1980s, such that by 1994 I was convinced that I had only a few years to live, if the decline continued. I decided to take early retirement at age 55, and start taking retirement benefits. I had purchased 20 acres 12 miles from Manhattan, in a low EMF environment, and started spending most days on that property. Some combination of fresh air, exercise, low EMF, and low stress reversed the health decline, such that over two decades later my health is fairly good, except for the need to avoid cell phones and WiFi.

I announced my retirement in October of 1993, and in February of 1994 received an offer from Oxbow Power to be a consultant and find a site for a wind farm in Kansas. I found a premium site in southern Kansas and a lease was signed with the owner of a large ranch. But after two years, Oxbow realized that it would be several more years before anyone would buy the output of a wind farm, and walked away from the project. I became an agent for the rancher, for a small percentage of any future lease payments, and continued collecting wind speed data, writing reports, and talking to developers. My message was "If you spend your two hundred million dollars in concrete, steel, and copper on this particular ranch, we will all make good money!" Somebody finally agreed, and the 150 MW Elk River Wind Farm became a reality. As it turned out, I was right. It really is a premium site, the wind farm is one of the top five holdings of this particular developer, and we all are making good money.

I have done other consulting as described in my resume resume.pdf, both before and after taking early retirement. I am available to work on research projects related to electromagnetic sensitivity as an engineering consultant, particularly if I can do it without a lot of travel.

In the mid 1980s I started to think about the possibility of yet another energy source, whatever there is that will come after wind and solar. This developed into something between a hobby and an obsession. At any one time on earth, there are several hundred individuals looking for this new energy source. Some have a Ph.D. in engineering or physics, others may not even have a high school diploma. For a time, the International Tesla Society sponsored meetings in Colorado Springs for this group, which I attended faithfully.

One reason for thinking there might be another energy source is that we really do not understand many of the phenomena around us. The operation of gravity seems to have eluded us. Is it a pull, a push, warped space, or something else? I have never stood in front of a class of electrical engineering students and said "Electricity is -" and finished the sentence, nor have I heard any of my teachers make such a statement. One almost humorous example of our lack of understanding about electricity is the issue of how electrical power flows along wires. In the class called Circuit Theory I, the teacher says: "Obviously, electrical power flows inside a wire in the form of voltage and current. Current is the movement of electrons inside the metal of the wire. This movement causes a magnetic field to exist outside the wire." In the class down the hall called Electromagnetic Theory I, the teacher says: "Obviously, electrical power flows on the outside of a wire in the form of electric and magnetic fields. These fields penetrate a small distance into the wire and cause electrons to move, but at a much slower rate than the speed of the power flow, which is the speed of light." Students get all the right answers using either definition of "Truth". Both teachers get together and go out for a beer afterwards, with never a conflict about whose "Truth" is really the "Truth". Religious denominations should take a lesson!

I performed a rather extensive literature search on gaps in our knowledge, and wrote a little book called "The Search for a New Energy Source" in 1996, and self published it. It did not sell very well, so I just made it freely available on the Internet search.pdf.

If a new energy source exists, then someone needs to discover a method of accessing it. Many different approaches were discussed at the Colorado Springs meetings. I decided to look at nonlinear effects of high voltage electrical discharges from a large Tesla coil. I built a large Tesla coil and developed a solid state drive for it. It was fun making sparks and I learned some things about Tesla coils. I was not successful in seeing anything that looked like an overunity event, so eventually gave up on this particular method. I organized my thoughts about many of the engineering aspects of Tesla coils and wrote them up, available here TeslaBook.pdf.

The more I read about the fringe areas of science, the more I became convinced that a productive method to access the new energy source would include some aspect of consciousness. I had no idea of exactly how to implement this method, but I wrote down my thoughts in yet another Internet book, "Religion, Science, and Psi: The Search for a New Energy Source" PsiEnergy.pdf.

As might be expected from my interest in wind turbines and a new energy source, I am concerned about how mankind is treating the earth in a nonsustainable manner. We seem to be hellbent on using up all of the earth's resources just as fast as we can. We build McMansions to live in, taking large quantities of farm land out of production in the process. We drive large SUVs when a small sedan would get us from point A to point B just as fast, and use less fuel. I would like to eventually build a house or two that is both healthy and sustainable, at least with minimal impact on the ecosystem. That would include using a composting toilet, as very ably espoused by Joseph Jenkins in his book "Humanure". I strongly recommend "Humanure" to everyone interested in protecting our environment. Jenkins has also written a book "Balance Point" where he describes his own quest for the `right' balance between ego and eco. It was quite an adventure, even including a trip to visit a shaman in Peru, and is a good read. He does take the soap box a bit far on two issues, in my opinion. The first is on global warming, now called climate change. He takes the majority position, that man is causing pronounced and irreversible global warming, and that anyone in the minority position is just plain stupid, worthy of ridicule. The whole climate change issue has become a dogma, where every weather event, even record snow falls, `proves' climate change. His book contains the statement "today's disappearance of sea ice is unprecedented in the last fifteen hundred years." Even if the statement is true, what was going on fifteen hundred years ago? It would have been a natural variation in climate, not man made. I would be more convinced of a `real' warming trend when I see thriving settler communities on Greenland, like happened a thousand years ago. The other issue is that of a spiritual explanation. Jenkins prefers the Mother Earth to the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. He feels that Mother Earth is getting ready to deal with mankind like a dog scratching a tick. I prefer the explanation that God is getting ready to destroy those who destroy the earth (Rev. 11:18). Whichever one of us is correct on the spiritual side, we both agree that the human race is in deep trouble unless there are major changes, and soon. The book is available from Amazon.